The Hicks House

The former Hicks residence is located at 321 6th Avenue East.
Mr. W. E. Hicks, a newspaperman from New York, donated land for the courthouse, Central School building and the Congregational church. He lived in Alexandria only 8 years, dying in 1874 at a young age.  He came during the second settlement period of Alexandria. This residence was moved to its present location and occupied by Constant Larson, the County Attorney, and his family until 1939. Mr. Larson became Alexandria’s first municipal judge.

This residence has unique woodwork and window trim and houses 3 updated apartments.

Hicks House Alexandria MN

We offer:
All Utilities are included except for electric.

We offer 3 rental units including:

  • Hicks #1

2 bedroom main level living with laundry facilities.

  • Hicks #2

2 bedroom upstairs living.

  • Hicks #3

1 bedroom main level living.